How to Reduce the Risk of Contracting MeningitisMany things can put a person at risk of getting the highly communicable infection known as meningitis. Contracting meningitis can potentially be fatal or lead to brain damage. This is why it is important to do everything possible to protect yourself against the virus or bacteria. You should understand how to reduce the risk of contracting meningitis.

Get Vaccinated

One of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of contracting meningitis is to get a vaccination. Meningitis is a communicable infection spread by specific types of viruses or bacteria. The vaccine can give your body the tools necessary to be able to immediately destroy those strains of the virus or bacteria that cause meningitis. Vaccinations do not last and you will need a booster every so often. Talk to a doctor and get the vaccination if you have not received one within the last few years.

Do Not Share Food, Drinks or Other Items

The bodily fluids that transfer meningitis can survive on a variety of surfaces for some time. This means you could pick up the infection after interacting with something that an infected person has handled. If you want to avoid meningitis, then you must not share food, drinks or other items with people. This includes sharing office supplies or even a phone someone else just talked into. You want to largely avoid touching anything that an infected person might have handled recently.

Avoid Close Contact With People

Close contact is the primary way that meningitis is spread. If you are standing close to another person, then there is a chance that tiny droplets of bodily fluids will somehow make it to your body. They could spread when a person speaks or coughs. They can be spread from shaking hands if the person recently touched the mouth, eyes or nose. The risk is even higher in communal environments like colleges or malls where close contact is unavoidable. You can reduce the risk of contracting meningitis by staying a few feet away from people whenever possible and limiting close contact.

Good Hygiene

9 Common Psoriasis Triggers To AvoidPractice good hygiene at all times to minimize the risk of getting meningitis. Touching surfaces, fixtures and handles that other people have used is unavoidable especially at work or in a store. This can get the meningitis virus or bacteria on your hands. You want to start washing your hands regularly for at least 30 seconds in hot water and soap. Do this frequently throughout the day and before your eat. You can also carry around hand sanitizer if you cannot get to a sink. Additionally, avoid touching your face since this is how meningitis will make it into your body and start the infection.

Watch Your Health

A final step is to watch your health. Not everyone without a vaccination who is exposed to meningitis will develop the infection. A strong immune system can sometimes fight it off if exposure is minimal. Watch your health and take up good habits to keep your immune system strong. Eat right, get the nutrients you need and exercise. This will reduce the risk of contracting meningitis.