Whether you or someone else has COPD, there are many actions that one can take to help relieve the symptoms of this condition. The best way is to create a healthy environment. There are many things that can trigger COPD symptoms. Knowing what to avoid will significantly help matters.

1. Smoke

Smoking is the number one cause of COPD. Smoke contains carcinogens that can both trigger and cause COPD. Secondhand smoke is just as harmful. Creating a smoke-free environment is the first step in creating a COPD-friendly environment. If someone in the house must smoke, they can always go outside. Incense and candles may also pose a problem for the individual with COPD.

How to Make Your Home a COPD-Friendly Environment

2. Moisture

This is a big problem for those who live in humid climates, such as down south or near beaches. Water creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. Both of these are detrimental for a person with COPD. A dehumidifier may be the solution.

3. Humidity

Not only can moisture create mold, but it by itself makes it much harder for a person to breathe. Consider moving to a dryer location, such as a desert. If this isn’t an option, then a dehumidifier may be your best friend.

4. Appliances

Gas appliances can slowly leak gas into the house. This will definitely affect a person’s ability to breathe. All gas appliances, such as dryers, water heaters and the like, should have vents that go outside. Having gas detectors inside the house is equally important as having smoke detectors.

5. Household Cleaners

Bleach, Windex, paint, spray and other items release harmful chemicals. These can seriously affect someone who has COPD. Use these items in moderation and try not to use them around the person with COPD. Alternatively, one can use natural cleaning solutions.

6. Pet Dander

Unfortunately, pets retain all kinds of dander and other particles in their fur that makes it harder to breathe. On the other hand, there are certain breeds of animals that have less dander. Keeping pets well-groomed and clean will help keep the air clean. Long haired animals are more likely to cause a problem.

7. Dust

Dust can cause the lungs to inflame. Dusting surfaces frequently will keep these particles at a minimum. Ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust. Static is known to attract all kinds of dust, so using anti-static cleaners can make a difference.

8. Radon

Not only will radon cause breathing problems, but it’s cancerous as well. The worst of it is that it’s an invisible, odorless gas. There are professionals who are able to detect this element in houses. Fortunately, radon can be eliminated quite easily.

There are tons of ways to keep an ideal environment for someone who has this condition. Air purifiers are probably your best bet. However, these methods alone will dramatically reduce the symptoms that a person may experience. Geographical location is another thing to consider.