If you haven’t put much thought into how your front yard looks, then it’s never too late to start. Curb appeal, which is the overall attractiveness of your home’s exterior, can influence a number of things as a homeowner. A well managed yard can excite buyers when the time comes to sell, and it can also raise the overall value of your home.

Not everyone has the budget to hire a professional designer or landscaper to beautify their home. Luckily, there are simple things you can do to increase your home’s curb appeal and make it look professional all on your own.

Here are five ways to transform your yard.

1. Add Some Lights

You can give your home an attractive ambiance by installing light fixtures. Having some artistic lighting can make sure your home is desirable and seen, even after the sun goes down. Hang a strand of bulb lights across your deck or fence that can double as decor. Add modern sconces or wall lanterns beside your door. You can also illuminate the pathway to your home’s front door with solar paneled lights.

2. Fix The Exterior

As important as it is to have a nice yard, it’s even more crucial to make sure your house looks even better. One thing you can do is clean up the exterior of your home. Start by giving your home a power wash to give it a clean facade.

If you’re willing, slap on a fresh coat of paint afterwards. A less extensive paint job could just involve applying paint to the window shutters. For homeowners with a wooden front porch, freshen it up with a quick power wash. Rejuvenate the color by applying a finish to make it look brand new.

Consider replacing the front door if it’s outdated or run down. Remember to design the outside of your home from the inside by making sure any curtains behind the windows are nice to look at.

3. Get Some Plants

Adding greenery and flowers to your front yard gives it an instant facelift. Not only are plants beautiful, but it shows passersby that you take care of your home which can appeal to potential buyers.

Your garden doesn’t have to be complicated. Choose some perennials that are low maintenance and will grow back every year on its own. A few examples include peonies, coreopsis and salvia. They live for a long time and will brighten up your front yard once they grow in.

Buying potted and hanging plants are other easy ways to accessorize your front porch. All you would have to do is find a sunny spot for them and water on a regular basis. Amp up its style by choosing some decorative planters that match your home’s aesthetic.

If you’re not a gardener and don’t want to worry about keeping things alive, consider planting a rock garden. It’s an earthy and easy way to design your yard. Japanese zen gardens use a variety of rocks and can be placed alongside moss, water features and a statue to keep it unique and tell a story.

4. Keep Up With Everyday Maintenance

When you’re a homeowner, dealing with yard work is a way of life. It’s an important chore that can make even a simple front yard look professional.

Mow the grass regularly to keep it short and prevent weeds from popping up. Consider getting an artificial lawn if you’d rather not have to deal with grass on a regular basis. Costs start round $8 per square inch for installation, and that investment could be worth it in the long run if you want to save time and maintain your home’s tidy image.

If you have hedges or large trees, keep it trimmed and well-kept. Consider hiring a lawn care service to do the dirty work for you, especially if you’re thinking of selling. The price for services will ultimately depend on the size of your yard, the requested work you want done, and how much experience the business has.

5. Get Creative With Decor

After cutting the lawn, buying some plants and freshening up your home’s exterior, look for some fun decor to add to your lawn. There are simple and elaborate lawn ornaments to choose from that will make your home more personalized and look more appealing.

Some easy decorations you can buy for your front yard include:

  • Garden gnomes
  • Bird house
  • Fountain
  • Porch swing or bench
  • Flags
  • Statues

Online retailers such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Walmart and Amazon each have their own selection of lawn decor. They’re sold in a variety of price points and styles, making it easy to find something to fit your budget and aesthetic.