How to Care for Someone With the Flu -- Without Getting Sick YourselfHaving the flu yourself is certainly a miserable experience, but it can also be difficult to treat someone with the flu. One of the biggest worries is that you might contract the illness yourself.

In most cases, influenza is a passing virus, so if you do get it, the symptoms will go away in a few days. But for some people, getting the flu is a life or death situation. And besides, no one wants to go through the experience if they don’t have to. Make sure that you follow these guidelines for caring for someone with the flu so that you are not in danger of contracting this virus yourself.

1. Remind the ill individual that the flu is contagious

When you’re sick, you’re not necessarily thinking about not getting others sick. This is especially true for children who are ill. Make sure to remind the sick person to cover coughs and avoid touching their face. When they do come in contact with their eyes, nose, mouth or any bodily fluids, see that they are washing their hands or at least using a hand sanitizer.

2. Provide the sick person with a special trash can

The sick person should put all of their disposables into their own trash can. Inside, use a thick garbage bag that can easily be sealed and thrown directly outside into the bin. If the individual is vomiting or might vomit, make sure that an appropriate receptacle is nearby or that they are near a bathroom.

3. Keep surface areas clean

This may be difficult, but it could save you in the long run. Make sure that all surfaces that the person might touch are cleaned. This might include bedside tables, faucets, bathroom vanities and doorknobs. The best thing to use is a box of disposable disinfectant wipes. Always wash your hands after you’re done cleaning.

4. Keep good ventilation in the home

It is important that your home stay properly ventilated. Where you can, keep windows and doors slightly open.

5. When most of the sickness has passed, clean up correctly

When you are able to wash the linens of the sick person, do not hold them to your chest or near your face when you take them to the laundry. Wash them with regular laundry soap, and dry the linens on high heat.

6. Continually wash your hands and avoid touching your face

Keeping your hands washed and avoiding touching your face will be an excellent line of defense against contracting the flu.

7. Have those in danger leave the house

Some individuals are more susceptible to flu complications, and if possible, you should have these people leave when there is someone who is sick in the house. These individuals include those with immune disorders, those who have other ongoing diseases, the elderly and small children.

Prevent the Flu From Getting in Your Home in the First Place

Of course, stopping the flu from entering your home is not easy when it seems to be everywhere, but prevention is the best line of defense against this troublesome illness. Avoid people who you know to be sick at the workplace and at school, wash your hands and avoid touching your face, and get a flu shot every fall.