Accommodating your workspace with the right products can instantly motivate you to get stuff done. And when you work from home, you have the freedom to make the space completely your own. You can build a workspace that keeps you comfortable yet focused, and personalize it to enhance your productivity.

Whether it be for practical use or breaktime entertainment, having these items in your home office will instantly make your space a more enjoyable place to work.

Here are 10 items you can add to your at home workspace.

1. Lap Desk

Price: $30

For those days you can’t get yourself to crawl out of bed, a lap desk is exactly what you need. You can easily balance your books, laptop, and even your drink all on one portable desk. They come in a variety of colors to fit your aesthetic and will help you be productive on the couch, in bed or anywhere else that’s not your desk.

2. Mini Desk Fan

Price: $16

To keep you feeling cool and fresh all day long, use this mini desk fan that’s perfectly sized for one person. And since you’re working from home, you can enjoy the air and not have to worry about nearby co-workers complaining about a cold draft.

3. Foot Hammock

Price: $14

When you’re working for hours on end, you should make sure your office space is comfortable. Something that will instantly bring you some instant comfort is this foot hammock. It attaches to your table and allows you to sit back, put your feet up and give your body some much needed TLC.

4. Desk Mat

Price: $31

To get more organized, check out this desk mat. You can place all of your items onto it and instantly turn any table at your house into a designated workspace. Plus, these mats come in plenty of different colors to meet your preference.

5. Waving Inflatable Tube Desk Accessory

Price: $15

To give you something fun and quirky to stare at, take a look at this inflatable tube guy for your desk. It’s just like the ones you see waving outside car dealerships, but this is a miniature version fit for any workspace. It’s battery operated and has just the right amount of humor to get you through the day.

6. Blue Light Glasses

Price: $25

Working at an office usually means you’re staring at the computer screen all day. Spending hours and hours on screens can lead to eye strain. A person blinks up to 66 percent less frequently while using tech, which can cause symptoms like blurry vision, dry eyes and headaches.

Something you can do to prevent digital eye strain is wear a pair of blue light glasses. It’s a non-prescription lens that actively blocks the harsh light that can strain your eyes. Do your eyes a favor and try wearing these glasses while working from home. If you do wear an eyeglass prescription, there are brands that specialize in making your needed lens with blue light protection.

7. Mini Desk Vacuum

Price: $9

This mini vacuum is equally adorable and practical. It’s designed with a cartoon-like ladybug to add some character to your desk. You can easily clean up your lunchtime crumbs, eraser shavings or dirty drawers. It’s affordable, battery operated and small enough to fit anywhere on your desk.

8. Desktop Tetherball Game

Price: $10

There’s no reason why your office space has to be all work and no play. If you want to bring some entertainment to your day, check out this desktop tetherball game. It’s small enough to fit anywhere standing at nine inches high. It can be a fun game to play if you’re in need of a work or study break.

9. Cell Phone Desk

Price: $11

If there’s one thing that is constantly with you throughout the day, it’s your phone. Give it a designated spot at your desk with this adjustable cell phone desk. You can display your phone horizontally or vertically to comfortably view your notifications pop up throughout the day.

10. Pencil Holder

Price: $8.50

Instead of using a boring and basic pencil holding, opt for this elephant pencil holder instead. It’s a multifunctional holder that’s stylish and practical. It can also hold all of your desk supplies and also acts as a phone stand.