Here's Why You Need to Get Your Kids Vaccinated Against MeningitisMeningitis is a terrible type of infection that affects over 1,500 people in the country every year, even though it is mostly preventable. A very effective meningitis vaccine is available that can be given to children. This simple vaccine can potentially save lives and prevents lifelong disabilities caused by the virus or bacteria that causes meningitis. You need to get your kids vaccinated against meningitis for several reasons.

Children Are at a High Risk of Contracting Meningitis

One of the first reasons your kids need to be vaccinated against meningitis is because children are at a high risk of getting the infection. This is partly because children do not yet have fully developed and strengthened immune systems to fight off the virus, fungus or bacteria. It is also because children tend to be in communal situations at school or daycare where other kids could expose them to meningitis. A vaccination will protect your kids during this sensitive period.

The Vaccine Is Safe and Effective

A second reason you need to get your children vaccinated against meningitis is that the vaccine is safe and effective. A meningitis vaccine will protect nearly all children against this type of dangerous infection. Additionally, the vaccine is very safe with only minor side effects such as redness or a little swelling. The more serious allergic reactions are so rare that they barely ever occur.

Meningitis Could Cause Permanent Damage

A major reason your kids should get their meningitis vaccinations is because the infection could cause permanent damage. Meningitis causes severe inflammation in the body and infects the blood. Over 20 percent of children who manage to survive meningitis have permanent damage that will last a lifetime. Meningitis can lead to significant brain damage, amputations, kidney damage and hearing loss. Getting a vaccination will keep your children safe from these risks.

You Child Could Infect Others

It is important to think about your community when it comes to meningitis. It takes very little to start a meningitis outbreak that puts everyone from children to adults at risk of getting the infection. An unvaccinated child could become a carrier for the virus and infect dozens of other kids unintentionally. If you vaccinate your children, then you will prevent your kids from infecting others and spreading meningitis.

Meningitis Can Be Fatal

The most serious reason your kids need to be vaccinated against meningitis is that the infection can be fatal. It can progress quickly to a point where treatments stop working completely. Around 11 percent of all people who contract meningitis die. Meningitis can arrive at any time and it can strike any unprotected person. You can protect your child against this potentially fatal infection with just a simple vaccination today.

It Is Required In Many Educational Institutions

A final reason your child needs to be vaccinated against meningitis is that it is required in many educational institutions. The rule is not universal although a majority of schools will not admit students without this important vaccination. This includes elementary schools, high schools and colleges. Getting meningitis vaccinations will make certain your child is prepared to enter any school or university.