Flying is the best way to travel – but what if there was a better way to fly? Boarding a huge plane, sitting in a cramped economy seat, and dealing with security, busy airports, and limited itineraries gets the job done, but it can often be frustrating.

That’s why private charter jets are becoming a popular new way to fly. Flying on a private charter jet is more convenient, more comfortable, and sometimes even cheaper than flying commercial. 

Here’s why increasingly more people are choosing charter jets over big-name commercial airlines. 

Private Charter Jets Eliminate Frustrating TSA Security Checks

Getting through TSA’s different levels of security checks is one of the most challenging aspects of flying. It requires you to arrive at the airport hours before takeoff, stand in multiple long lines, and expose both yourself and your luggage to in-depth screenings. It’s stressful – and it can even make you run late for your flight.

However, when you fly on a private charter jet, TSA security and all of its hassles are completely eliminated. Flying private means you don’t have to go through any security at all. You’ll instead arrive just before takeoff, and a car or taxi can drop you off right on the tarmac. You get to board whenever you’re ready, with no worries about long lines or stressful searches.

You’ll Enjoy More Space and Greater Comfort During Flights

It’s incredibly frustrating to fly commercial today. Every one of the big airlines is looking for ways to make more money. And that always involves reducing travelers’ comfort and space. 

Traveling on commercial flights is becoming increasingly uncomfortable as seats continue shrinking in size, leg room gets more limited, and there’s less space to relax. Meals on a commercial flight are a thing of the past – unless you’re willing to pay a high price. 

When you fly on a private charter jet, however, these problems don’t exist. Private jets are specifically designed for high-end customers and clients, which means you’ll enjoy VIP service. Onboard, you’ll get to relax in a roomy seat, enjoy catering like salads and sandwiches, and sip on everything from champagne to tea and coffee. You can even request additional amenities to make your flight more comfortable.

Onboard a private jet, there’s no worry about space. Whether you want to relax in a spacious, first-class quality seat or move around the cabin, you’re free to indulge in anything you’d like.

Private Charter Jets Can Fly to Smaller Airports

If you need to fly into certain regions or cities that don’t have big airports, your options are limited. Commercial flights don’t fly into smaller cities, and they simply can’t land at many regional airports. And this can be a big problem for many travelers, particularly anyone who’s flying for business.

Fortunately, private charter jets have fewer limitations. And, thanks to their smaller size, they’re able to fly into just about any airport in the world. The restrictions commercial planes face don’t affect charter jets – and this means you won’t need to drive after flying to get to your actual destination. Whether you need to fly into Napa instead of Oakland or San Francisco or Mallorca instead of Madrid or Barcelona, a private charter jet can get you there.

You Can Find More Flexibility and Cut Costs

It’s easy to assume chartering a private jet is insanely expensive. And it certainly isn’t cheap. But flying on a chartered jet can be more flexible and more affordable than you think. 

Whether you’re flying into a smaller regional airport or need a last-minute flight, a private charter jet could be within your budget. The cost varies, but you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $10,000 per hour, depending on your flight specifics and the size of the plane. For that price, you’ll enjoy VIP service and amenities. 

But that isn’t a set price. You can actually save money by opting for more flexible, affordable options. For example, you could choose an empty leg flight, which means you book a flight on a chartered jet that was only booked by other passengers for a one-way trip. That will give you a discounted rate. 

Additionally, you could opt for fractional ownership, which is like a timeshare for private jets. You share the jet with other people, and you get to fly whenever you need to, provided the plane is available. This can be a great cost effective option for anyone who flies often and needs flexibility.

A Private Charter Jet Can Save Business Travelers Time and Money

Private charter jets are a fantastic choice for anyone, but they can offer even bigger benefits for business travelers. Those who fly to work or are needed in different destinations daily don’t want to wind up on commercial flights – they’re inconvenient, take forever, and can cause serious issues if you need to work or get delayed.

For busy business travelers, time is money. And the time you spend in the air on a place can really cost you. Unless, that is, you choose to fly on a private charter jet. When you factor your precious time into the cost of flying, a chartered jet is an economical choice. Flying private means you can schedule your flights as needed, even during the same day. On board, you can conduct meetings, work easily, and put your time in the air to use with phone calls, space to work, and increased flexibility.

And private charter jets are more reliable. You won’t run through the airport to catch a flight or have delays or canceled flights. You’ll leave and arrive on time, every time.

If you’re tired of the hassles involved in flying, it’s time to make a switch. Why put up with commercial airlines when there’s an easier, more convenient way to get to your destination? Whether you’re a business traveler or simply someone headed on vacation, research a private charter jet to see if that can meet your budget and your needs.