The Internet is for everyone — a fact that becomes ever clearer when you realize just how many senior citizens are going online to find their companionship.

If you or a loved one would like to spend the golden years of your life with someone special, but you don’t quite know how to make it happen, going online is a safe and viable option that has helped thousands of people find meaningful love.

Today, we will take a look at five of the top dating cites out there to see if they are right for you. If you’re interested in any or all of these sites, get started today by signing up for their free trials!


eHarmony is one of the most prominent dating sites for people of all ages to take advantage of. Why? For one thing, there are plenty of people using it. That’s right, eHarmony’s popularity helps to make it even more popular. Why is that? The more people using a dating site, the better chance that you have of meeting the special someone that brought you online in the first place.

As of 2008, up to 15,000 people a day were filling out the eHarmony questionnaire. There are around 15 million members total with a demographic that is split almost perfectly even between men and women. With numbers like that, there is no shortage of potential people to meet.

They also have a good set of features when it comes to matching. While some dating sites are essentially just social media platforms for people looking for a relationship, eHarmony uses complicated algorithms to find people their perfect match based on surveys that they take when they create their profile. eHarmony takes care of all the searching for you, and members can only talk to one another once they have been matched and have agreed to pursue communication.

Unfortunately, these features don’t come very cheap. The starting rate for eHarmony is $59.99 a month, with diminishing rates for longer term commitments.

Like eHarmony, is another site that is open to any demographics. In fact, is a little bit more open in that it also permits LGBTQ profiles. Like eHarmony, Match is split pretty evenly between men and women, and actually has an even larger base of users with 21.5 million members.

The format is fairly open. You can meet people through “matches” based on profile information, but there is also the option to contact people directly if you feel so compelled. By sending “winks” you can communicate with other members of the site via a messenger service that will allow you to start getting to know people quickly.

Outgoing people may appreciate the ability to search for and communicate with potential matches on their own terms, though this component of the site does open you up to hearing from users you might not be so interested in.

Rates start at $35.99 a month and can go as low as $16.99 with longer term commitments.

Silver Singles

The pleasant thing about Single Seniors is that it is designed for people over 50. Like eHarmony, the site does not allow you to browse profiles but instead sends potential matches in batches each day for you to consider. The exact number of people using Silver Singles is not readily available, though the site does continue to be one of the most popular options for people over the age of 50.

The site also utilizes a “Have you met?” feature, that sends users profiles one at a time that they can reject or accept at their choosing. Once users receive matches, they can message the profiles at their leisure, or send a “smile” as a more casual greeting.

As with most sites, the demographic is fairly evenly divided between men and women, with of course all users being over the age of 50.

Basic membership is free, though most of the useful features (such as the use of the messenger service) come with the $12.99 monthly subscription.

Senior People Meet

Senior People Meet is another site that specializes in user profiles of people over the age of 50. Unlike Silver Singles that sends profiles to users rather than having members search for them, browsing Senior People Meet is a much more casual experience. In fact, potential users can browse profiles without even establishing a paid membership. Once you do establish a subscription, you can use the service to highlight aspects of your profile that you want people to notice.

There are currently around 300,000 members using this site.

The site places a premium on photos and videos, allowing you to introduce yourself to the world of online dating in a personal and creative way. In order to keep things classy, the site does monitor all uploads, and institutes a 24-hour review process before anything finds its way onto your profile.

The baseline membership starts at $23.99 a month but can get as low as $11.99 with an extended membership.

Christian Mingle

Last but not least, Christian Mingle. While this site is not exclusive to seniors, it does, of course, feature a target demographic. You guessed it, Christians.

If your faith life is a big component of who you are, Christian Mingle can offer a great way to find people that share your values. Christian Mingle has about one million people using the site each month, and in fact, is one of the rare dating sites that feature more women than men.

Profile creation features a standard survey component that gives you the opportunity to answer questions about your lifestyle preferences, though this site distinguishes itself by including more faith related questions than most. Christian Mingle also includes a unique feature that allows users to take a test that determines their own readiness to join the world of dating.

Communication is fairly open on this site. For a paid subscription you can browse profiles and message people that you are interested in. Membership ranges from $29.99 to $13.99 a month.