Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. It’s the start of the holiday shopping season, and it’s when retailers offer some of their most incredible – and affordably priced – deals of the entire season. From doorbuster discounts to impressive bargains, Black Friday is a can’t-miss event both online and at local stores.

Though the official date of Black Friday changes each year, the shopping event always takes place the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday falls on November 29. That means that for 2019, Black Friday is closer to Christmas – which means you’ll have a shorter shopping season and less time to find great gifts.

Fortunately, Black Friday is no longer just one day of sales. With increasingly more people shopping online each year, Black Friday has turned into an entire weekend of discounts and deals. Now, retailers begin offering deals leading up to Black Friday, over the holiday weekend, and all day on Cyber Monday.

With so many different deals planned for Black Friday and countless retailers to shop, it’s essential to plan ahead in order to score the lowest prices and hottest items. You need to know what to look for in advance. After all, you’ll be competing with millions of people to snag great gifts and hot tech gadgets.

Here’s what you need to know in order to be prepared for Black Friday this year.

When Do Retailers Release Black Friday Ads?

In the past, shoppers had to wait for the newspaper to arrive on Thanksgiving in order to see what deals and discounts retailers would offer on Black Friday. But today, retailers are releasing their ads much earlier. 

Big-name retailers who offer doorbuster deals like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart have started releasing their ads at the beginning of the week leading into Thanksgiving. These retailers have been known in the past to even offer special discounts before Black Friday – so expect the biggest Black Friday ads to appear at least 4 days before the holiday itself.

And thanks to the internet, ads are often leaked well ahead of Black Friday. Sometimes, these leaks will even reveal the upcoming Black Friday deals in late October or the first week of November.

Predictions for Black Friday 2019

While it’s still early and retailers haven’t leaked their big-ticket Black Friday doorbusters just yet, shoppers can predict what will go on sale. Tech items, like the newest smartphones and the latest gaming releases, are always big-ticket items. TVs, laptops, and other gadgets like smart home hubs also see big discounts.

But here’s the most important prediction to keep in mind: deals will change. 

In recent years, retailers have started changing their available discounts as Black Friday approaches. Early deals will be revealed in the first couple of weeks of November. And as Black Friday draws closer, the discounts – and the items on sale – will get better and better. 

Ultimately, the biggest deals and best values tend to appear later in November. So shopping closer to Black Friday, or on Black Friday, will help you get the best deals for your money.

Ahead of Black Friday 2019, here are some of the deals you can expect to see on popular items from a variety of different retailers.

2019 iPad and iPhone 11

Apple released its newest lineup of iPads and iPhones back in September, but many savvy shoppers are waiting to buy. That’s because each year, the latest Apple devices are typically discounted on Black Friday. You can expect the same to happen for 2019, with all versions of the iPhone 11 and all new iPads seeing discounts and giftcard-with-purchase offers.

Apple likely won’t offer any specials or sales. However, retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart will – and your wireless carrier might even do so too.

Apple AirPods

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on a pair of AirPods, you’ll want to be on the lookout for Black Friday deals. It’s expected that many retailers will offer a discount on these hot headphones – they were the most in-demand item for Black Friday 2018.

And since Apple just released the AirPods 2, last year’s model will likely see deep discounts as it’s become an older generation.

Samsung Galaxy S9, S10, and Note

Just like Apple smartphones, Samsung is ready to discount its latest devices. With a slate of impressive phones and tablets that include the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, and Galaxy Note, you’ll likely see deep discounts ranging from $100 off to hundreds of dollars off these popular phones. Last year, the Galaxy S9 was discounted to less than $600, so expect similar pricing.

And you’ll want to check big-name retailers for the best offers. Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, along with various wireless companies, are the most likely to discount the latest Samsung devices for Black Friday 2019.

Gaming Consoles

Although there hasn’t been too much change in the world of video game consoles during 2019, you can expect the popular Sony Playstation 4 and PS4 Pro to see some great discounts on Black Friday. And Microsoft’s Xbox One S and One X will also likely see lower prices. 

Typically, gaming consoles will be discounted and bundled together in perfect gift sets. You’ll likely find the best deals on these bundles – and the great news is that they often include the hottest games of the year. 

4K and OLED TVs

TVs are always one of the biggest doorbusters on Black Friday. And there’s usually a wide selection of deals, meaning you can get hundreds of dollars off TVs of any size. 

For Black Friday 2019, it’s likely that the biggest sales will be on 4K and OLED TVs. This is because discounts have already started appearing for certain OLED and 4K models, like LG and Samsung. OLED technology is becoming more common, which means it’s also becoming more affordable. And this spells good news for Black Friday for anyone who’s been looking for a great deal.

Amazon Devices

Amazon offers some incredible deals every Black Friday, but the deepest discounts and most sought-after items are always on the retailer’s own gadgets. The popular Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, and Fire TV Stick always see big discounts on Black Friday. And in 2018, other smart home products like the Ring Doorbell, Philips Hue lighting set, and even smart soundbars also saw low prices.

Expect the same for 2019. This Black Friday, Amazon will have a whole line of new additions to the Amazon devices family. Items like Amazon Auto, the newest Echo and Echo show, and even Kindles will likely be at new low prices.

Find the Best Black Friday Deals Online

A little preparation is key to getting the very best Black Friday deals. You’ll need to be on the lookout for ad scans and news about deals heading into the week of Thanksgiving. 

You’ll also want to do your homework ahead of time. It’s common for retailers to increase their prices heading into Black Friday. This makes the discounts revealed on Black Friday look even bigger and better. Make sure you’re really getting a great deal by searching for items you want to buy, like iPhones or 4K tvs, ahead of time to compare prices.

And while you’re preparing for Black Friday shopping by sourcing the best deals, don’t forget to look online. Many brick and mortar retailers offer the same Black Friday doorbusters online. You might even find special online only deals that are available solely for those shopping from home.