So, you’ve decided you want a truck. But you don’t have the $40,000 in cash you’ll need to buy the cheapest base trim model of any top-rated truck. Don’t sweat it – there are plenty of options for you. Thanks to increasing gas prices and a price war among automakers, truck prices are plummeting. Right now, trucks have hit a staggering new low price across the US. And if you know how to shop, you can score big on any truck yourself. Keep reading to find some of the top truck deals out there:

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An Era of Low Prices is Here

A price war on pickups has been simmering for quite some time. Automakers know drivers want bigger, tougher, and more capable trucks. Unfortunately, every auto company is releasing great trucks – and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for these companies to catch your attention. Competition is heating up, and automakers are fighting to win your business by lowering prices.

In 2016, Ford cut prices by more than $10,000 on some truck models as it rolled out a new aluminum-bodied F-150. And last summer, according to Automotive News, General Motors slashed prices, offering 20 percent off its newest trucks. Just a few months ago, Ram did the same, giving drivers a 20 percent discount on last year’s models for the most generous discount they’ve offered in years.

Which Trucks Are Being Discounted?

As automakers try to sell more trucks, they offer different incentives, offers, and discounts. But these truck sales and deals are ever-changing, depending on the time of year and your location. So, before you decide to buy, you must always do your homework. To help, here are just a few of the trucks seeing big discounts right now:

Dodge Ram

The Ram 1500 is one of the most popular trucks on the road, and it can be one of the priciest as well. But right now, Ram is offering plenty of incentives on its top trucks and up to $6,000 off the sticker price of a 2018 Ram 1500.

All U.S. Ram dealerships are offering zero percent interest and up to $2,750 in bonus cash on the 1500. If you find your own financing before buying through a bank or credit union, you’ll get up to $6,000 in the form of a cash rebate on your new truck.

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Ford F-150

The best-selling vehicle in America for nearly two decades, the Ford F-150 is the best full-size pickup on the market – but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Currently, the entire Ford F-Series is seeing deep discounts.

Ford is offering $3,000 in bonus cash on any F-150 (you choose the trim level, body style, and any packages). Qualified buyers can also get 0.9 percent financing for three years and an additional $2,000 in cash back.

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Chevrolet Silverado

Bigger trucks can be better, but they can also be pricey. The half-ton Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is a truck beloved by those who need a tough workhorse of a pickup. And right now, it’s seeing multiple incentives and low-cost financing options.

All US Chevy dealerships are offering $2,000 cash back and zero percent financing on the 2018 Silverado, if financed through your local Chevy dealership. Select trim levels also come with a cash allowance of up to $4,500, and that amount can increase if you secure your own financing.

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Toyota Tacoma

The perfect truck for city drivers and less rugged roads, the Toyota Tacoma is one of the top-ranking compact pickups. Normally priced at an MSRP of up to $45,000, the newest Tacoma isn’t cheap.

But now, the 2018 Tacoma is seeing discounts in financing and cash back rebates. Qualified buyers can get 1.90 percent financing for five years or 2.90 percent for six years. On top of this, regional Toyota dealerships are offering up to $2,000 in rebates on select Tacoma trim levels and packages.

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