Flying is a great way to see the world, but it can be costly. If you’ve got the travel bug, then keeping up with ongoing deals is a must.

Where should you go on your next voyage to destinations unknown? Here are 10 round-trip travel deals that might make it possible to broaden your horizons for less.

1. Atlanta to Las Vegas for $190

Getting tired of Georgia’s spring pollen?

Take a break by gambling in Sin City for only $190 with Frontier. April and May are great times to head out as the snowbirds start vacating the strip. Plus, for under $200, you’ll still have plenty of change left over to blow on the slots.

2. San Francisco to Philadelphia for $350

When San Fran starts heating up in May, why not chill out by taking a trip to the East Coast?

You can fly to the city of Brotherly Love for under $350 with multiple carriers, so there’s no reason not to book a fare. Many of these routes only have one stop. With lots of eight-hour options, you don’t have to resign yourself to sitting in a gross terminal forever.

3. San Antonio to Newark for $350

United offers a good number of great two-way fares between San Antonio, Texa, and Newark, New Jersey during the end of June.

Although it’s another excellent option for escaping the summer heat, this trip has a unique added bonus as New York City is only a short drive away. You can visit the Big Apple at your own pace instead of dealing with the nightmare of landing in the city itself.

If you’re thinking about checking out the ocean, Newark is only a few hour’s drive to the Jersey Shore from here.

4. Washington, DC to Kingston for $500

For about $500, you can spend the end of summer relaxing on a beach in the Caribbean instead of sitting around while your hair turns gray in Beltway traffic. JetBlue offers some of the cheapest flights for three-week vacations from Washington, DC to Kingston, Jamaica. With most voyages only taking around six hours or nine hours with a single stop, it’s definitely worth your time.

5. Los Angeles to Honolulu for $400

California may be coming out of a drought, but it’s still shaping up to be a hot, dry summer as usual. Take a six-hour, non-stop jaunt from LAX to Honolulu International to beat the heat and enjoy some far less crowded beachfront.

At only around $400 on carriers including Alaska, Spirit, United and Hawaiian Airlines, this is a deal you shouldn’t miss.

6. Denver to Brisbane for $900

When it starts getting chilly again in the Rockies, you can either bundle up or seek refuge in sunnier climes by flying to Australia for around $900. Although it’s a longer flight that will include multiple stops, you can keep your fare low by extending the length of your stay or shifting your trip to traditionally low-cost days, such as Tuesdays.

Of course, the fact that you get to go from early winter to summer on the Gold Coast might be motivation enough.

7. New York to London for $500

Although this is a major Atlantic crossing, you can still find cheap December fares for $500 to $600 if you book now. If you’re tired of watching the ball drop in NYC, this is a good opportunity to enjoy a traditional British Christmas and New Year. It’s also a perfect chance to take a sightseeing trip through Europe.

8. Baltimore to Miami for $200

Head south to Florida to catch some rays when the tourists make Baltimore start feeling too stuffy. Although you’ll still encounter pretty big crowds in Miami at this time of year, the $200 tickets are hard to beat. Furthermore, the quickest flights mean that you can be relaxing down by the water in just a few hours.

9. Boston to Shanghai for $700

Taking a trip from Boston to Shanghai is a fabulous way to explore one of China’s biggest metropolitan areas on the cheap. At under $700 for a 24-hour flight, late October is a good time to go. The hot summer typhoon season will just be dying down, but it’ll still be far more temperate than back in Massachusetts.

10. Seattle to Puerto Rico for $500

In just about 14 hours and $500, you can trade Seattle’s stormy November weather for a chance to catch the end of the rainy season in Puerto Rico. Traveling to Aguadilla is a fine way to get to know the island up close, especially if you’ve never visited a tropical rainforest before.

Where Are You Heading Next?

Some of these deals are likely to change, so act soon to lock in a good price. Also, remember that you may be able to lower your costs by booking accommodations together with your flight, choosing alternate routes with layovers, buying tickets a few months in advance or mixing carriers.

These smart travel hacks can make it way easier to enjoy a unique adventure on a budget.