Walmart has a reputation for their low-end prices on quality merchandise, which is probably what prompted a Salinas, California, couple to attempt to sell their six-month-old baby in front of the store on Tuesday, June 22.

There are so many things wrong with this scenario, not including the need to get permission from Walmart before you try selling things outside their store. According to the two women who notified police, the father of the baby approached them outside the store and asked if they wanted to buy the baby.

Aft first the women thought the man was joking, but when he grew persistent, they knew something was wrong. They called police immediately.

And what would prompt a couple to try selling their baby, besides the economical crisis? You guessed it: drugs. When police arrested the couple around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning in their home, authorities say they appeared to be high on methamphetamines.

This is the type of thing that not only makes me sick, but makes me question the right for everyone to have a child. As much as I hate the government being involved in our personal family affairs, when things like this pop up in the news, I start to wonder if all parents shouldn’t be required to submit to drug testing and parenting courses before being granted the privilege to have a child.

Fortunately, the baby is in state custody, and the parents are being charged with child endangerment.