Construction may not be the first industry you think of when you’re looking for a new career. But if there’s a job that’s in demand, stable, and well-paying, it’s construction. And right now, new construction workers are needed – and jobs are growing at a rapid rate.

From residential construction to commercial construction, new developments are always underway. And this means that no matter what’s happening in the economy, construction workers are necessary to get the job done. 

If you’re searching for a job or career that’s stable and fulfilling, here’s why you should consider construction, and how you can find new openings.

Many Different Types of Construction Work Are Available

It’s common to assume that construction jobs are all alike. But a career in construction doesn’t have to include all manual labor. There’s a wide variety of different choices available, and you can put your skills to use in unique ways.

Here are some of the most popular construction jobs:

  • Superintendent: Oversee and supervise construction site operations from planning to completion.
  • Construction Estimator: Survey projects, estimate labor and material costs, and manage communication with customers.
  • Inspector: Ensure all buildings and new construction projects are up to code and safe, with regular site visits.
  • Journeyman Electrician: Install and maintain electrical work for all types of construction projects, keeping electrical systems up to code.
  • Pipefitter: Shape and install metals for industrial construction projects, using skills like welding, rigging, and soldering.

While different construction jobs have different backgrounds and experience levels, there’s definitely a job for every interest.

Construction Jobs Pay Well

Working in construction offers a solid salary and pay rate. Monthly salaries average between $2,292 and $3,083, but pay can climb as high as $3,917 per month.

And you can move into different areas and roles within construction as you gain experience. This can increase how much earning potential you have – and it could increase further as you become an expert at the top of your field.

Anyone Can Start Working in Construction

While experience and knowledge are an important key to success in construction, this career path doesn’t require nearly as much education as other jobs. And it’s far more affordable to become a construction worker than it is to attend a college or university. 

Typically, only high school diplomas are needed to enter construction. Many construction workers start by working for companies that provide on-the-job training. That means even newcomers can get started quickly in construction – and you’ll get paid while you learn.

Some construction workers do complete apprenticeships. These entry-level positions will teach you the ins and outs of specific construction work, and they can last as long as four years. This is a great way to develop a specialization. You could use an apprenticeship to learn highway construction, environmental remediation, and even heavy construction.

How to Find the Best Construction Jobs

Searching for construction jobs can be tough – but fortunately, online job boards make the work easy. You can search online job boards and the latest construction listings to find construction openings absolutely anywhere.

Check out these great options to find some of the best jobs available.

United States Army

The U.S. Army is a surprising job source, but it’s one that always offers great construction opportunities. The GoArmy online database lets job seekers search through a variety of different construction jobs in many different areas.


Indeed, the largest job-hiring platform online, lets you easily search for and sift through many different construction jobs. You can search for any region or city in the U.S., and you’ll find construction jobs in every major market. Browse for everything from entry-level positions to supervisor roles on Indeed.


This job site is designed just for those looking for construction work. You’ll only find construction jobs on iHireConstruction – and you can see everything that’s available for free. A premium subscription, which costs a monthly fee, will let you apply to every available opportunity. And it also gives you a “Featured Applicant” status to help you get hired faster.

If you’re ready to launch a career in the growing, in-demand field of construction, these are the first places to start your search. Make sure to keep an eye on online job boards to find the right job as quickly and easily as possible.