Renovating your home is a luxury expense most people can’t afford. A low-end remodel can cost you anywhere from $15,000 to $45,000 for a 2,500-square-foot home, and that number could be even higher depending on your desired results. The good news is there are cost effective ways you can spruce up your home without breaking the bank. Plus, they’re easy enough for you to do yourself without hiring a contractor.

Home improvements don’t have to be expensive. By browsing for inspiration and looking up tutorials online, you’ll become a semi-pro at home projects in no time. Here are eight budget-friendly home improvements you can do yourself.

1. Closet Organizer

Estimated Cost: $99 – $199

This home improvement values practicality and makes your life easier. Upgrade your one-rod closet with an organized shelving unit. You can purchase a compact one from Ikea that includes shelving, drawers and space to hang up clothing. It’s an affordable way to give an ordinary closet the illusion of a walk-in.

This can also be a good way to leave a good impression with guests in the entryway closet and keep it tidy. Just make sure to measure your closet before purchasing a unit to make sure it will fit.

2. Paint It Over

Estimated Cost: About $150

A can of primer and paint is one of the most affordable ways to transform a space. You can paint over almost anything to give it an entire new look, and it’s easy enough to do on your own. Plus, it can be cheaper than hiring a painter by the hour or square footage.

Some things to consider painting include:

  • Kitchen or bathroom cabinets
  • Fireplace
  • Doors and closets
  • Shelving units
  • Old flooring

Play around with paint style to achieve an elevated look. For example, try a two-tone paint job on kitchen cabinets to get contrast and dimension.

3. Increase Curb Appeal

Estimated Cost: $200 and up

There are some simple things you can do on the outside of your home to add instant curb appeal. Reimagine your entryway by adding a brick border on the path leading to your front door. All you have to do is dig a trench about five inches deep, then add two inches of compacted gravel. Cover the gravel with sand and set the bricks on top. Take it to the next level by ending your brick path with a nicely painted front door.

4. Get Some Window Boxes And Planters

Estimated Cost: Starting at $16.99

Another classy way to add curb appeal is by installing window boxes. This easy to maintain gardening pot doubles as decor because they are sold in a variety of styles and colors. You can beautify your home by mounting them under windows or hanging them from your deck rails. Plant some colorful flowers inside to make your home look more colorful and well-kept.

5. Add Some Crown Molding

Estimated Cost: $120

A traditional design element that brings immediate class to any room is crown molding. This decorative trim is an elegant way to transition from wall to ceiling and hide any imperfections, and you can add some to your home at an affordable price.

Sold by Canamould Extrusions Inc., you can buy interior cornice moulding and install it on a weekend. They sell different styles and sizes that make it easy to fit in your home. You cut the moulding with a saw to achieve your desired fit. From there, shave the back for a tight fit and spread the joint compound so it sticks to the wall. Push it onto the wall and use an additional joint compound to help it stick.

6. Get A Tile Backsplash

Estimated Cost: Starting at $39.99 for one roll

Don’t bother buying tile, grout mixers or blades if you want a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. For an easier backsplash installation, consider buying a peel and stick version. It applies similar to wallpaper, making for an easier and less time consuming job. It’s also a good option for renters who have to abide by their landlord’s rules. There are also peel and stick products designed for counters and walls.

7. Beautify Your Bathroom

Estimated Cost: $470

You don’t have to do a full tear down to achieve a modern bathroom. Accessories can make all the difference in home improvements, especially in smaller spaces like the bathroom. There are plenty of touches that can be replaced with more stylish options such as the shower curtain, shower head, towel bar and light fixtures.

Some luxe touch you can install that are relatively inexpensive are a pullout mirror and towel warmer. Freshen up your vanity with a peel and stick backsplash or countertop, and pair it with a new mirror to install on the wall overtop. You can also paint it to bring a whole new aesthetic. These smaller projects will add up to one redefined bathroom.

8. Get A Stair Runner

Estimated Cost: $300

This DIY home improvement doubles as a safety feature. Cover your slippery staircase with a decorative runner. You can find many options to fit your home’s aesthetic and you can have it installed in just three hours.

To start, make sure the runner is centered. Cut padding sheets, which is the underlayment for laminate flooring, so they’re slightly narrower than the runner’s width. Approach this project one step at a time from the top of the steps and secure the runner with staples.