Flying doesn’t have to be a miserable experience. When you choose to fly first class, it allows you to indulge in luxury while you travel.

The next time you plan to take a long plane trip, you might want to enhance the experience by choosing to fly first class on one of these great airlines. While they are expensive, the experience that you will enjoy is well worth the cost. Therefore, here are five of the most luxurious in the world.

Singapore Suites Class A380

The first-class flight from Mumbai, India to Singapore will cost you around $3,324 one way on Singapore Suites Class A380. The suites are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. If you are traveling with your partner and choose the two middle suites, you can have the two beds together to form a double bed.

On Singapore Air, you will be able to choose between Dom Perignon 2004 or Krug, and you will be served caviar. You are also given Givenchy pajamas, and there are multiple power outlets available to you. The seats are extra-large, and there are large television screens for each suite. Your seat converts into a bed by flipping it over, which the flight attendants will do for you. You will be provided with Bose noise-canceling headphones. Your amenity kit contains products made by Salvatore Ferragamo. The menu includes a multi-course dinner, including salads, soups, appetizers, main courses, and desserts.

Etihad First Class A380

The Etihad first class experience is unlike any other. The suites, which are called apartments, are spacious. There is a single-aisle configuration with individual suites lining either side. The apartments cost around $10,000 for a one-way flight. At the front of the cabin is the residence, which is a three-room suite with butler service that costs as much as $20,000 for a one-way ticket.

Inside the apartments, you’ll find a huge seat that faces an extra-large ottoman. The ottoman converts into a comfortable bed when you want to go to sleep. There is a personal vanity with amenities waiting for you, and you will be given a pair of comfortable pajamas and slippers to use during your flight. There is a shower available to use in the first-class cabin for which you must reserve your time. Wi-Fi is available for $21.95 with unlimited access. There is a great multi-course meal and a large menu of wines, spirits, and cocktails.

Emirates First Class A380

Emirates first class has one of the largest first-class cabins as it contains 14 suites. A flight from New York to Dubai will cost around $19,000.

The seats are comfortable, and there are partitions that you can raise or lower. You can use your seat controls to put your seat in a completely reclined position with the touch of a button. Each suite has its own lighted minibar. There are two showers available in first class, allowing you to refresh yourself after you sleep. You will be given pajamas and slippers, and there is a bar where you can socialize with the flight staff and other passengers.

While you are still on the ground, you can enjoy a nice glass of Moet. After takeoff, you can enjoy a glass of Dom Perignon 2004. You are given an amenity kit and a tote bag that can allow you to carry off your amenities, pajamas, and slippers. The menu is huge and allows you to enjoy the finest cuisine.

Air France First Class 777-300ER

When you book a first-class suite on Air France’s 777-300ER, you can expect to receive an excellent menu, delicious wine, and privacy. A flight from the United Kingdom to Madagascar will cost around $7,246 one way.

The first-class cabin is arranged in a configuration of 1-2-1. Each seat can be folded down into a bed, and there is an ottoman that contains a storage compartment so that a friend might dine with you. The seats have a privacy partition that you can raise, and you can enclose your entire suite with a curtain for even more privacy.

When you board the plane, you will find a shoe bag for your shoes in the ottoman along with a shoehorn, socks and a pair of slippers. There are multiple power outlets that you can use, an entertainment controller, and a pair of Bose headphones. You will be offered some pajamas and an amenity kit that includes eye shades, face cream, lip balm, a wooden brush, and other items in an attractive hard case. There are Carita toiletries in the lavatory.

You can begin your flight with a glass of champagne and some French breadsticks. You will be able to enjoy caviar with blinis and Krug champagne during your takeoff and a chef-designed menu that is sure to satisfy. There is an onboard bar from which you can select from fine wines, aged spirits, or your favorite cocktails.

Garuda Indonesia First Class 777-300ER

A one-way flight from Japan to Indonesia in the Garuda Indonesia first-class suites will cost you around $3,049 one way. The first-class cabin has eight suites with doors, and the experience is tailored to you. The plane has a private chef on board who will talk to you about the menu and then prepare your meal to your tastes. You can enjoy a multi-course meal that is complete with wine pairings. First-class passengers are the only ones who are boarded through the front door of the aircraft. There are several power outlets and storage compartments, and there is a closet in which you can hang your coat.

There is an amenity kit that is provided by Loewe and that contains eyeshades, lip balm, a brush, a dental set, and earplugs. It also contains face and body lotion and a bottle of cologne. You will be given socks, and the flight attendants will remove your shoes and place them in your shoe bag for you. There are comfortable slippers that you can wear. You will be served champagne and macadamia nuts that have been warmed. You will be provided with pajamas, and there are tiny lights in the ceilings that look like stars. You can enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi access, and there are also hundreds of movies and television shows from which to select.