It’s tough – and can feel impossible – to find a credit card if you have bad credit. And even if you do find a card you can qualify for, the perks and benefits of that card probably won’t be very good.

But Amazon is changing all of this. Amazon is now offering an incredible credit card that’s available for anyone, even those who have bad credit.

In fact, Amazon’s newest credit card is actually designed to help those with less than perfect credit. Called the Amazon Credit Builder, this credit card offers plenty of benefits for anyone who’s been looking for a card they can qualify for.

Amazon Credit Builder Is an Option for Everyone

Amazon’s newest credit card, the Amazon Credit Builder, is designed for anyone who’s struggling to qualify for other cards.

Specially created with Synchrony Bank, Amazon Credit Builder is a secured credit card that allows anyone with bad credit to work towards a better credit history. You can use this card to rebuild your credit or to start establishing new credit.

Since it’s a secured credit card, Amazon Credit Builder does require a deposit. But here’s even better news: you get to decide how much of a deposit you want to put down.

With this feature, Amazon will let you choose your own security level. You can put down a deposit as little as $100 or as big as $1,000. This refundable deposit will get you your line of credit so you can start rebuilding your credit as soon as you’d like.

All you need to do to get this credit card is apply for the Amazon Store Card. When you submit your application, Amazon will determine if your credit history is better suited for the Store Card or Amazon Credit Builder, making the signup process incredibly easy.

Amazon’s Credit Builder Comes With Plenty of Perks

Unlike plenty of other secured credit cards or cards for people with bad credit, Amazon Credit Builder offers a number of benefits for cardholders. And that means you don’t have to suffer with a bad credit card just because of your credit score.

In fact, Amazon’s Credit Builder card will let you enjoy the kinds of rewards and perks that come with a regular credit card. The perks on this card are seriously up to par – and you can reap the benefits.

All Amazon Credit Builder cardholders will enjoy:

  • 5 percent cash back on Amazon purchases for Prime members.
  • 0 percent interest, which you’ll get either after 12 months of equal payments or on certain purchases.
  • No annual fee.
  • $1,000 credit limit.
  • Special financing on purchases.
  • Protection from unauthorized charges.

In addition to these great perks, there are even more features and aspects that make the Amazon Credit Builder card an excellent choice.

As a cardholder, you’ll be given tools that can help you work towards better credit. You’ll have access to a personalized TransUnion CreditView Dashboard, which shows you your credit score for free, lets you test out different financing options and how they’ll impact your credit score, and offers plenty of credit education.

Once you’ve been an Amazon Credit Builder, you can also become eligible to upgrade to the Amazon Store Card. Some people will qualify in as little as seven months – and that upgrade can spell great news for your credit history.

Is the New Amazon Credit Card Right for You?

If you’re ready to start working on your credit, but you’re struggling to find a credit card that will let you do so, consider Amazon Credit Builder. This secured credit card is a fantastic first step towards a better credit score and a financial future.

And you can reap the benefits of this card. With regular credit card perks like cashback rewards and special financing, you can work towards your goals without having to sacrifice anything at all. In no time, you could find yourself ready to upgrade to an even stronger card.

Applying for the Amazon Credit Builder card is easy and almost effortless. Before applying, make sure to do your research to make sure this is a smart choice for you. Then, you can get to work rebuilding your credit, no matter your current score, with this great financial product.