9 Common Migraine TriggersMigraines are incredibly painful medical conditions characterized by extreme physical suffering and mental debilitation. This kind of ailment can be caused by a variety of different factors. Use the guide below to see if your migraines are caused by one of these 9 preventable influences!

1. Sleep Deprivation

One of the most overlooked origins of migraine headaches is a lack of sleep. Insomnia can disrupt the circadian rhythm, which regulates most emotional patterns and cognitive functions. This can lead to a loss of appetite, which may further fuel pain by depriving the brain of vital nutrients.

2. Dehydration

Consistent water intake is crucial for staving off migraines. This is an essential source of oxygen, which the mind needs more than anything else. Furthermore, a lack of refreshing fluids will result in temporary tissue shriveling. The only solution is to consume more aqua on a regular basis!

3. Alcohol Consumption

Drinking is a serious contributor to migraines. Bingeing can kill brain cells and cause permanent damage. This can generate a lifetime of headaches. Additionally, alcohol is a driving force behind dehydration, so it can facilitate brain pain through a variety of avenues.

4. Hidden Ingredients in Foods

Sulfites are a common preservative, and these compounds lead to serious headaches. Ultimately, the biggest treat is monosodium glutamate (MSG). This cheap flavor substitute has gained prominence is processed foods, but it has adverse impacts on the mind’s well-being. Luckily, this ingredient is easy to spot. Just avoid labels that list anything “hydrolyzed” in the contents.

5. Toxins and Neurotoxins

Nitrites are the worst poisons, and they are not additives; instead, these are compounds that should have been removed from food prior to eating. Still, the biggest culprit in this regard is definitely aspartame. This sugar substitute is in almost every weight-loss product, but it inhibits natural brain operations. Diabetics are more prone to these headaches, especially since they need sugar alternatives in every meal and snack.

6. Hormonal Imbalances

Many migraines are caused by internal gland malfunctions. Low testosterone levels may be a key progenitor of debilitating headaches. This factor can also reduce the presence of a sex drive, which prevents the release of healing dopamine.

7. Poor Lighting and Excessive Brightness

Artificial luminescence can be a massive source of head pain. Flickering lights can cause synaptic nerves to misfire, which results in major migraine triggers. Extreme exposure to the sun can also be harmful, especially since it compounds light with heat.

8. Stress, Anxiety and Overwork

If migraines are not caused by biology, then the environment is to blame. The most recognizable origins are psychological states of worry and sadness. A heavy work load may also strain the brain until a migraine forces relaxation.

9. Prescription Medications and Recreational Drugs

Chemical substances are known to induce a myriad of physiological interactions, and many of these drugs inadvertently cause migraines. Illegal drugs are a common instigator, but prescriptions can be equally hazardous. Also, although it is often used as a cure, caffeine can also be harmful in large quantities.