This Father’s Day, mark the occasion by investing in an activity or outing that will really show your dad how much you love him. There are lots of physical gifts that you can give, but none will be as memorable as a day spent together.

If you and your dad have a lot of similar interests, coming up with an activity to do together will probably be easy. If you’re out of ideas, we’ve come up with some new and interesting suggestions for great Father’s Day activities.

1. Go to a beer or wine tasting

If your dad is particular to a certain kind of tipple, take him for a tasting of his favorite beer or wine — or even a tour to see how it’s made. There are lots of distilleries and breweries that are happy to open their doors to customers and many regularly host organized tours.

It’s really interesting to see how these drinks are made. Plus, at the end, you’ll usually be able to sample a variety of the company’s offerings. If you don’t live near a brewery or distillery that offers tours, try and find a bar where you can sample a flight of beer or a few glasses of local wine.

Tours typically range in price from $15 to 65, while flights are less expensive.

2. Buy tickets to a local game

Going to a baseball game for Father’s Day is a time-honored tradition. However, if your dad isn’t partial to baseball, mix it up.

Depending on where you live, there may be tennis, cricket, golf, or lacrosse available to watch. The more professional a league is, the more expensive your tickets will be. Also, prepare to pay at least $15 for a beer.

If you’re going to a professional sporting event, be prepared to shell out at least $150 for a pair of tickets, if not more. You can cut the price down by going to see junior leagues, which are often more fun to watch.

3. Go to a concert

If your dad loves music, find tickets to a concert that you think he’ll like. Taking in a concert together is a great way to bond, especially if the band is new to both of you. Depending on whether you’re going to see a superstar in the VIP seats at a mega arena or a local favorite in your hometown bar, you can expect to pay anywhere from as low as $20 to upwards of $500 per person.

4. Go on a road trip

Over the years, a lot of people have found that their most honest conversations with their dad come while they’re in the car together.

A great way to spend some low-pressure time with your dad is to go on a road trip. You don’t need to go far. You can spend an hour in the car and check out a new restaurant or bar or drive around to look at the beautiful spring scenery.

Whatever you choose, take plenty of water and some tasty road snacks and enjoy the time together. All you’ll need to pay for is gas.

5. Learn how to cook something new together

A great way to bond with your dad is by learning how to cook something new together. You can attend a local cooking class, which makes it easier, or you could go the DIY route and spend some time watching YouTube videos together before you purchase ingredients and buckle down in the kitchen.

If you’re taking a cooking class, you’ll likely be paying between $75 and $200 per person. On the other hand, going the DIY route means you’ll only need to purchase ingredients, which leaves you with more money to spring for a nice bottle of wine.

6. Have a sentimental movie night

If there was ever a particular movie that you used to watch with your dad, get the VHS out of storage and have a movie night this Father’s Day. Some classics that many enjoy watching with their father include Field of Dreams, The Lion King, Goodfellas, Die Hard, and Big Daddy.

Load up the movie, pop some popcorn, and spend a day on the couch, just like when you were a little kid. If you have more time, you can make a day of it by picking a few movies and doing a marathon.

7. Take a class together

Learning a new skill is a great way to bond. This Father’s Day, invest in a class or one-on-one tutorial so you and your dad can learn a new skill. There are tons of great choices, depending on your dad’s interests.

If you know what kind of activity you want, you can find a certified instructor through a professional association website. However, if you’re not sure, you can check out deals sites like Groupon for ideas.

Paying an instructor for a private or semi-private lesson will likely cost upwards of $100, but the skills you’ll learn together are definitely worth the investment.

8. Rent a boat for a day on the lake

Fishing is a time-honored Father’s Day pursuit. However, if your dad has no interest in fishing, you can still enjoy time on the water together.

Find a local marina and rent a boat for the afternoon. You can pick an exhilarating speedboat if you want to go sporty or a more sedate pontoon boat for an afternoon of slow cruising. Most rental companies will ask to see some form of ID as well as evidence that you know how to drive a boat.

If you don’t have a boating license, many marinas offer the opportunity to hire a driver for between $50 and 100 per hour.

Have a Happy Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, spend some time with your dad reliving old memories and creating new ones. Gifting an experience rather than a physical gift is a great way to make amazing memories together. Plus, doesn’t your dad already have enough barbecue aprons?