Money is the top source of stress for most people. And you already know that saving money is a struggle, and it can sometimes feel like reaching your financial goals is impossible. But would an extra few hundred help you out?

These money-making tips are a quick and easy way to start raking in over $100 each month. And no, we don’t mean you have to take on another job (although it is an option!). But make your money goals easier with a few new habits or small tweaks that will make a noticeable difference.

1. Make $200+ By Opening This Credit Card

You may think of your credit card as associated with debt, not making money. But the right credit card can be a powerful money making tool. You can earn a few free hundreds (or much more!) just for signing up for a new credit card.

The Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa and Blue Cash Preferred by American Express credit cards give new cardholders $200 for spending $1,000. You can also earn $150 for spending $500 after opening a new Chase Freedom card. Want to make even more money? Open a travel rewards credit card. These specialized credit cards offer points instead of cash back dollars and come with even bigger introductory bonuses. The Chase Sapphire cards offer $750 to new cardholders that can be spent on flights, hotels, or other travel expenses. When you search, look for different credit card introductory bonuses to maximize your earnings.

2. Cut the Cable Cord and Save $100+ a Month

If you’re still paying for cable, you’re wasting as much as $150 every month. That’s money you could easily keep in your pocket by cutting cord and eliminating your cable TV service entirely.

Eliminate your cable bill and you’ll save thousands of dollars over the course of a year and an average of $103 per month, according to CBS News. Streaming services cost as little as $9 a month, all while providing you with the same shows and greater flexibility.

Start adding an extra $100 or more to your income each month by replacing your cable TV with a better low-cost streaming option. Search for different streaming options online, compare pricing and channel choices, and find the right fit.

3. Open This Savings Account to Make $150

You can make hundreds of dollars just by opening a new savings account at a bank. Your local bank branches want new customers, and they’re offering up to $400 in free cash in welcome bonuses. Banks like Ally, Wells Fargo, and small credit unions offer free welcome bonuses for every new savings account opened. For example, if you move your money into a new Chase savings account, you’ll get $150 automatically deposited into it.

Additionally, you can open an online savings account to maximize your interest earnings. While it may not add up to $100 a month unless you’re carrying a big balance, online savings accounts offer interest rates that are 17 times higher than traditional savings accounts, according to NerdWallet. Reap nearly 2% in interest each month with these new savings options, like Goldman Sachs’ new Marcus savings account offering 1.60% interest each month.

4. Drive for a Rideshare, Earn a Quick $300

Getting an extra side gig is a great way to make money, but working extra hours can make it a difficult way to boost your income. Make it simple and almost effortless for signing up as a rideshare driver, one of the most lucrative side jobs right now.

Drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have the flexibility to work and earn as much as they’d like. You can work whenever you’re free, at any time of the day or night. Drivers in populated cities, Student Loan Hero claims, can make $100 in as few as 5 hours each week!

You’ll get a bonus just for signing up to drive, too. New Uber drivers are guaranteed a signup bonus of at least $300 – depending on where you live, that bonus can total as much as $600 to $1,000.

5. Consolidate Your Debt and Lower Your Bills

Your debt isn’t making you any money; it’s more likely sucking your bank account dry. However, if you consolidate your debt, you can save more money each month. Debt consolidation will lower the amount you pay, letting you keep more of your hard-earned cash as savings.

Search for the top debt consolidation options or lenders online, look for low interest rates, and find one that offers a personal loan you can afford. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to different credit cards, lenders, and banks, you’ll have just one simple, smaller payment. Many people can get their monthly debt payments down to as little as $100 a month.