When people reach a certain age, their interests naturally evolve. Although you still want to enjoy beach vacations as a retiree, you probably aren’t quite as interested in noisy, tourist-ridden hotspots.

How can you make the most of your next seaside vacation? Start by trying one of these five great beach getaways for seniors.

1. Isle of Palms, South Carolina

This vacation spot near Charleston is known for its quiet, natural surroundings. The island’s separation from the mainland means that it’s ideal for seniors who want to get a bit of exercise at a comfortable pace. Cycling, walking, and jogging are common ways to get around. Plus, locals tend to respect your right of way.

Isle of Palms features multiple beach areas, including Front Beach, and it’s a fantastic spot to take in natural scenery. From watching thousands of turtles nest during the summer to exploring nature paths and the nearby Fort Moultrie, there are plenty of opportunities to absorb the culture.

Why Seniors Love It

Isle of Palms caters to vacationers of all types, but it’s mostly families. Beach guards crack down on drinking and partying and the majority of visitors prefer the quiet. Although you can spend a few hundred dollars nightly in one of the larger vacation villas with private beach areas, you can also stick to the beaten path for under one hundred bucks per night.

2. Jekyll Island, Georgia

Once an exclusive getaway that hosted the likes of the Rockefellers, this small isle off the Georgia coastline is a big attraction for seniors. In addition to featuring about five miles of pristine beaches, it’s home to a unique ecosystem. The inner part of the island is covered in 1,000 acres of thick maritime forests that are rife with easy walking trails and shaded natural splendor.

Jekyll Island is excellent for those who want to enjoy their retirement in utter peace. Ringed by a single small road, this landmass only has a few hotels, so it’s never overly crowded. It’s also dotted with numerous cottages that offer the kind of home-away-from-home vacation experience that lets you set the tone and itinerary.

Why Seniors Love It

Elderly visitors like Jekyll Island because it’s easy to navigate and extremely laid back. Most of the people you’ll meet here come for activities like golfing or chartered boat rides in calm waters. Unlike other seafronts in the southeastern United States, there are no massive high-rises to spoil the views. Although you have to pay $6 to enter the island, few hotel rooms exceed $300 per night, so you shouldn’t break the bank.

3. Ocho Rios, Saint Ann, Jamaica

This city on Jamaica’s northeastern shore is a great place to unwind and indulge in authentic island culture. In addition to lounging by the ocean, you can explore waterfalls, swim with dolphins, or just relax.

If you’re not into the adventure scene, there’s plenty to see by merely walking around. For instance, you can stay in the estate where Ian Fleming wrote many of his famous James Bond novels in nearby Oracabessa, visit Christopher Columbus’ first landing spot, walk the botanical gardens, or explore rainforest preserves. Many of the lodgings have their own fruit gardens, live entertainment, bars, and adults-only bookings.

Why Seniors Love It

Ocho Rios is a port of call for numerous cruise lines, making it a frequent stopping point on longer holiday excursions. There’s also a range of different accommodations, including some that are right next to the beach yet cost less than $200 per night. With cab fares making it easy to traverse the city for just a few dollars, this is a great destination for seniors who want to see a bit more of the world.

4. Key West, Florida

This vacation spot caters to families and elderly snowbirds alike. Nature reserves, ecological education centers, and highly reputed walking tours make this a great beach city for those who want to see more than just palm trees and sand. More adventurous seniors can also take advantage of low-impact activities, such as snorkeling and dolphin swimming excursions.

Key West enjoys a mild climate year-round. However, you might want to avoid the May to October wet season if you seriously dislike humidity.

Why Seniors Love It

One cool aspect of Key West is that the city’s focus on history makes it easy to discover interesting cultural influences. You can visit Ernest Hemingway’s house, take ghost tours, try pottery classes, or go sailing. Since the city eschews the gloss and glitter of nearby destinations like Miami, it’s much easier to hit your ideal stride as you get to know the quiet surroundings.

Considering nightly stays range from $200 to $800 at many hotels, Key West can be costly. Nonetheless, there’s a variety of options for those who don’t mind searching for good fares, such as pet-friendly villas, inns, and family bed and breakfasts.

5. Ponta do Ouro, Maputo Province, Mozambique

Two hours south of Maputo, the nation’s capital, this is an excellent spot for seniors. As a small village frequented by scuba divers and surfers, it lacks the hustle and bustle of similar locations on the Indian Ocean.

Plus, it’s easy to get around on foot. The compact area is relatively isolated, with most visitors arriving by charter travel or 4×4 rentals.

Why Seniors Love It

Ponta do Ouro is a great place to kick back. Its landscape of small shops, Portuguese colonial architecture, and historical lodgings make a perfect backdrop for watching the peaceful days roll by. It’s also close to the South African border, making it extremely easy to explore more of the planet’s longest-populated continent and discover around 1,600 miles of unspoiled coastline. While there are a few expensive luxury resorts, many lodgings come in at under $200 nightly.

Where will your next vacation take you? Did we miss any of your favorite senior beach spots? Start your own research and have fun exploring.