On the cusp of summer holidays, parents may be tempted to start planning their holidays and day trips to keep the kids occupied.

However, before you gear up for fun in the sun, it is time to think about those year-end teacher gifts for the ladies and gentlemen who had to deal with your kiddos for the past 10 months.

1. The Best Pencil Sharpeners

Price: $24.99 each

Perfect for: Any elementary school teacher

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill handheld, gruesome manual upright, or noisy electronic sharpeners of the past!

There’s nothing a teacher loves more than a quick and efficient pencil sharpener in the classroom. Buy one for every teacher on your list since the more you purchase, the lower the price goes per unit.

2. School Supplies

Price: Varies

Perfect for: Kindergarten or early-year teachers

If you are working on keeping those teachers’ gifts on a budget, you may think about making a “school supplies” basket as a gift. Most teachers spend out-of-pocket money on in-class supplies, so a basket filled with crayons, markers, coloring pencils, and other items could help them out significantly for the upcoming school year.

3. Organizer Tote

Price: $20.00

Perfect for: Any elementary teacher

Let’s face it: teachers constantly have to haul supplies and other items to and from school during the year for special projects, after-school events, and field trips. This All-In Organizer Tote from Thirty-One offers a heartfelt gift that will surely make their life that much easier for a new school year, come September.

Even better? It can be personalized too!

4. Felt Tip Pens

Price: $19.99 per pack

Perfect for: Teachers grades 3 and up

Teachers spend a ton of time grading tests and assignments, especially in those higher grades. So, there’s nothing they are in need of more of than a set of good-quality felt tip pens (in an assortment of colors) to help as they hand out those checks and “Xs” when reviewing their student’s work.

5. Personalized Water Bottle

Price: $28.50

Perfect for: Phys-Ed Teachers

Gym teachers spend their entire day running around with our kids playing anything from soccer to volleyball to basketball. There’s no better way to show you care than ensuring they stay hydrated with a personalized water bottle from Vista Print.

6. Jao Refresher Hand Sanitizer

Price: $10 for 2oz bottle and $18 for 8oz bottle

Perfect for: Kindergarten and early-year teachers

Younger grade classrooms are literally filled with germs, created by cute, creative, and curious little ones who love to get their hands into everything.

Want to show your teacher some love? Give them the gift of not getting sick with some fancy disinfectant hand sanitizer that is good for all types of skin and offers an aromatherapy boost that will help them get through the longest and most stressful of days.

7. Homemade Snacks

Price: Varies depending on the ingredients

Perfect for: Any elementary school teacher

There is nothing more enjoyable than a sweet treat at the end of the day. If your child knows what their teacher’s favorite dessert is, you can score additional points for being thoughtful. Place your homemade goodies in a cute container and add an even sweeter note with it.

8. Personalized Pencils

Price: Set of 12 for $15

Perfect for: Teachers grade 4 and up

Can’t get your pencil stolen if your name is draped across it, right? Teachers love customized gifts and getting supplies for their job too.

So, this little year-end gift could be a win-win situation for all involved.

9. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

Price: $15.95

Perfect for: Science teachers

The gift of a mug can be overdone in the world of year-end teacher gifts. However, this a clever spin on an old idea, especially for those science teachers or those that are into astrology.

When cooled down, it looks like your everyday mug. When hot liquid is placed within, 11 constellations appear.

10. Gift Cards

Price: Any amount you choose

Perfect for: All elementary school teachers

Last, but not least, give them the gift that keeps on giving! While gift cards may not seem that special, they are well-appreciated over some year-end presents that a teacher might not find useful. Add a personalized note with it or attach their favorite candy or chocolate with it.

You can buy a gift card to literally any store these days, including some theme parks. So, the options are endless.