Are you frustrated by your monthly cable and internet bill? Here’s something you need to know before your next cable bill arrives: there are hundreds of new cable and internet companies that are desperate to give you a better deal. You just have to know where to find them.

You likely haven’t realized it, but your cable bill has been steadily increasing each year — and in some cases, it might even increase every month. Cable companies stick small fees and a couple of extra dollars in charges onto bills all the time. And many people will just continue paying their cable TV bill every month, not realizing their bills are increasing thanks to these subtle fee increases and new add-ons.

The cost of cable and internet is on the rise. ABC News reports that customers see an increase of over 5% each year on their bills. And now, the average cable bill totals $103 according to Fortune. Add internet to your cable bill, and you’re left paying even more. If your bill totals over $100 month after month, you’re probably overpaying for cable TV and internet. If you’re tired of paying high rates for your favorite channels, now’s the time to get a lower price.

Cable companies know you don’t notice their rate hikes. You don’t look closely enough to see if there’s an extra $2 or $4 added, and your cable provider would much rather keep you in the dark than alert you to these increases.

If it’s been more than a year since you’ve looked at cable offers, there’s a good chance you could be missing out on significant discounts and savings, even from your current cable provider. As your bill increases, your cable company is offering special deals, discounted rates, and more affordable packages online.

Do you think your current cable provider would call you up to offer you the latest discount? They wouldn’t. They would much rather have you continue to pay higher prices. If you pay less, your cable company makes less money — and they especially don’t want to you to discover other, lower-priced providers.

There’s one way to ensure you get a lower price. You need to compare prices and offers.

Why Comparing Prices is Key

Because your cable and internet company isn’t going to alert you about sales or discounts, you need to do your homework so you know just what the going rate is. In addition to offering different pricing to different customers, your cable provider is facing new competitors. Competition has risen drastically in past years thanks to newer, cheaper providers, and today’s companies are constantly offering lower rates for higher internet speeds and more of your favorite channels — all just to win your business.

The trick to comparison shopping is searching for deals, incentives, and offers online. Often, these companies don’t advertise their best deals so anyone can find them. The best deals can’t always be found in direct mail ads or through TV commercials. You need to turn to the internet, where cable companies are readily competing for business.

Search online, and you can instantly get quotes from your current cable and internet provider as well as other competitors. You can uncover discounts your cable company grants only if customers ask. You could even increase your options, getting more channels and exciting options like DVR or streaming for the same price you’re paying. You simply need to look, compare, and discover what offers exist. Smart consumers could use these offers to significantly lower their cable bill.

You might even find other companies you didn’t know about, new cable and internet providers that offer better deals than the large and well-known companies. When you compare prices and shop around, you could discover hundreds of available offers. However, because discounts change often, there might only be a few that offer incredible prices. Keep an eye on these changing deals, and you could save even more.

Where to Look for Low Prices

Now that you know the importance of comparing quotes and pricing, you can get started on lowering your cable bill today. Search for cable deals, looking beyond your mailbox and current ads to uncover online specials or new customer rates.

Check local offers, too, to ensure you’re getting the best price. Each region and city has its own local Internet companies, so it’s beneficial to do some research.  Looking at these packages and prices will help you learn what others in your city are paying for their cable — and you’ll know exactly how low cable providers will go on a price.

Once you’ve compared prices, you can return to your cable company and demand that same deal. Most customers are uninformed about pricing and would never think to ask for a lower rate. However, if you confront your cable and internet provider armed with low prices, competitors’ rates, and knowledge of current deals, you can demand to pay less.

Interested in finding the latest cable and internet offers? Start your search today.