Face it, owls are awesome!  They’re smart (always graduating), love lollipops, and can turn their head 180 degrees!  Not to mention they are adorable.  Unfortunately, owls make horrible pets for the general public.  So, to feed your owl obsession, why not pick up some great comics featuring the amazing Owly?

Title: Owly

Creator: Andy Runton

Age Recommendation: All Ages

One thing that immediately separates Owly from the other comics we’ve featured here on Kid Galore is the book is primarily wordless.  This makes the lovable little Owly accessible to all ages, but particularly enticing to your youngest children.  The books are bright, vivid, and full of discovery and adventure.  The art of Owly taps into the most basic of shapes with Runton’s skillful hand merging them into characters that explode off the page with life. Wired.com called Owly “One of the best comics for kids around.  Period.”

I first picked up a copy of an Owly at San Diego Comic Con because of my love of owls and while I am far from the target demographic, what I found inside was crafted with such sincerity and care that I found it difficult not to want more.  Published by Top Shelf, Owly is available in five volumes at a very reasonable $10 each.  Inside each edition is a wealth of wonderful art not just of our title character, but of a variety of friends including Wormy and Scampy the chipmunk.  The feel of the book is not too far from the classic Winnie the Pooh stories with lighthearted tales or friendship and exploration.

For teachers and home schoolers out there, Runton offers a “how to teach with Owly” section on his site complete with printable lesson planes.  The volumes are stand alone stories too, so pick a favorite and run with it, as they do not require a child to read them in order.  Owly is one of those beautiful works that transcends its limitations and reaches out to children in the best ways possible and on their level.  Give Owly a chance today!