If you are someone who suffers from asthma attacks, you know that being around triggers can immediately set you off. That’s why it is so important to learn what your asthma triggers are. These triggers can be very different for each individual. Once you figure out what your triggers are, though, you can do everything in your power to avoid them.

Tobacco Smoke

One of the most common types of asthma triggers is tobacco smoke. While tobacco smoke is definitely unhealthy for everyone, it’s even worse for those with asthma. That’s why if you have asthma and you smoke, you need to quit smoking right away. Besides smoking yourself, secondhand smoke is another asthma trigger. For those that don’t know, secondhand smoke is when the smoke produced by a smoker is then breathed in by another person. If you have asthma, you must stay away from places where you know there will be smoke. You should also make sure that no one ever smokes near you or in your home and car.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are small bugs that are found in practically every home. Unfortunately, these mites can ultimately trigger your asthma. To prevent any asthma attacks from occurring, it’s best that you use mattress covers and pillowcase covers on your bed. By taking this step, you are creating a barrier between the dust mites and yourself. Besides this, all stuffed animals and other clutter should be taken out from your bedroom. That’s because dust mites feed on this. You should also always wash your bedding in the hottest water possible.

Air Pollution

Outdoor air pollution has been seen over and over again to cause asthma attacks in individuals. This pollution can be the result of cars, factories and all other kinds of sources. That’s why it is so important that you take note of the air quality forecasts predicted on the Internet, radio, television and newspaper. When you do that, you can plan your days accordingly. Now, you’ll only hang out outdoors when the air pollution levels are low.


Pets also tend to elicit asthma attacks in people. If you believe your pet is the reason for your asthma attacks, it’s best for you to hand off your animal to another home. If you can’t do this for whatever reason, or you don’t want to, make sure to keep the pet out of your bedroom. Other than this, you should also wash and bathe your pets every single week and place them outside as often as you can. If your pet has a lot of fur, make sure to vacuum your floors regularly. Remember, though, these asthma attacks are not due to the pet’s fur, so trimming their coats won’t really help here.

Asthma attacks are truly crippling. That’s why it is vital that you find out what is triggering your attacks so that you can avoid it at all costs. The days of relying on breathing monitors, an asthma diary and medication can finally be long gone. Once you’ve gathered up this information, you can make a real difference in your life.