With unmatched removable doors, an iconic seven-bar grille, and the uncanny ability to handle almost any terrain, the Wrangler continues to be the best-selling model for the Jeep brand. Built on the foundation of the WWII era military utility vehicles, the Jeep Wrangler appeals to consumers from every walk of life by remaining modern with its included features. With an untouchable sales record, Jeep is challenged to make improvements in the new year’s model so only a few changes were made. Don’t let that change your opinion though, these alterations have been long anticipated and only improve on what last year’s model did so well.

Seeing More Clearly
The new 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited finally features the forever-desired LED lamps. These LED headlights and fog lamps come as standard on the Sahara and Rubicon models, but are available for both the Sport and Sport S. When compared to the former incandescent lamps used, they provide a 90 percent increase in brightness. An additional 63 percent of the low bar yield is another result of this lamp change. In terms of energy consumption, LEDs are clear winners too with a decrease of approximately 67 percent less used. The 7-inch round lamps provide this improved visibility with only a mere $595 added to the cost of the vehicle.

Upgraded Engine
Under the hood, Jeep lovers will be pleasantly surprised to find the Wrangler’s sharing of the Mercedes-Benz engine that replaces the old four-speed one with a five-speed automatic. Another pleasant surprise is the inclusion of Chrysler’s Pentastar V6. The Pentastar features a 3.6L that increases power output by up to 40 percent. Such new and improved presents under the hood make for a better fuel efficiency as well.

No Road Untraveled
As the single four-door convertible around, the Wrangler Unlimited has no competition in its sights. Built on a body-on-frame design enables this SUV to handle off-road conditions like no other.

Suit Your Fancy
Trim levels available for the new ’17 Wrangler Unlimited are as follows: Sport, Sahara and Rubicon. Packages for the new year include Freedom, Hard Rock and Willy’s Wheeler. Some important details for each are:

– Honoring the military with mineral gray bumpers on front and back
– Continued body-coloring on the wheel arches
– Decorated with the Oscar Mike logo
– All-weather mats
– Eye-popping silver thread highlights around the seats

Hard Rock
– 17 inch alloy wheels only available on this specific model
– Heated, leather front seats
– Both ends feature winch-ready capability on steel bumpers
– Gloss black accents from top to bottom

Willy’s Wheeler
– Boasts the Trail-Rated group
– Rock rails
– BFG KM tires set on 17 inch alloys

Make It Your Own and Drive It Home
Color and pricing for the new Wrangler Unlimited may come in a close second to the most talked about feature behind the new LED lights. The MSRP ranges from a base price of $28,890 and final cost of a Rubicon at over $40,000 depending on the trim level selected.

Along with the standard and loved colors of granite crystal, rhino, red, bright white, black and silver come three newbies. 2017 adds chief, gobi and acid yellow to the lineup. Also, xtreme purple is available for those to see in any model included in the Jeep family.

nitinut380 / Shutterstock.com

nitinut380 / Shutterstock.com