As you get older, there’s no reason to stop learning. And once you’ve retired, there’s plenty of time to grow your skills and knowledge. An online degree program can help you do exactly that, giving you the chance to take classes right at home and work towards a degree.

Whether you’d like to finish a degree you started years ago or want to get to work on an entirely new degree, there are plenty of online options that make it easy for seniors to attend college. And through some online degree programs, you could earn your degree for free.

Here are five colleges that offer online programs with specific perks for seniors.

1. Mississippi State University

If you’re interested in broadening your knowledge, the online courses available through Mississippi State University are sure to catch your eye. With more than 40 different online degree programs to choose from, seniors can earn certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees right from their very own computers.

Whether you’d like to study business, delve into psychology, or explore the sciences, Mississippi State University gives you that opportunity. With online support and flexible class options, it’s easy to complete your entire degree in the comfort of your home. Even better, seniors don’t have to pay anything. If you’re over the age of 60 and are a resident of Mississippi, MSU will let you take up to 18 credit hours a year online for free.

2. University of West Florida

Seniors can choose from 17 different programs of study available through the University of West Florida. Each program is available online, and you can earn audit classes on subjects like education, English, public health, business, and even nursing. Seniors can take courses that interest them – even if they’re outside your desired degree field. With an expansive online course catalog, you can deepen your knowledge in many ways.

If you’d like to audit classes through the University of West Florida and you’re a senior, you don’t have to worry about the cost. Florida residents over age 60 can earn their degrees for free. If you live outside of Florida, you can get up to 90 percent of your tuition covered, making a degree an affordable option for every senior.

3. University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota offers a wide selection of online programs and classes, giving seniors the opportunity to study just about any interest. With 21 certificate programs, 17 online bachelor’s degrees, eight online master’s degrees, and 12 doctorate programs, the University of Minnesota helps seniors gain in-demand knowledge and skills. You can study psychology, manufacturing, communication, finance, computer science, and so many more fields.

Opting to earn your degree online from the University of Minnesota means you won’t sacrifice anything at all. All distance learning courses offered by this school are equal to the on-campus courses, and you’ll get the same quality of instruction. And seniors living in Minnesota can earn their degrees and take classes for free.

4. California State University (Cal State Online)

The California State University system is made up of 23 different college campuses throughout the state of California – but if you’ve always dreamed of earning your degree, you can join the Cal State system right from your computer. Cal State Online is an online degree program that gives anyone the chance to earn a Cal State degree, all without stepping into a real classroom.

Study via Cal State Online, and you’ll receive the same high-quality education as you would at any Cal State University campus. You can explore any kind of degree in any subject, and you’ll even get one-on-one attention from instructors and faculty. Seniors can learn from anywhere with an internet connection, interacting with faculty and fellow students while learning. With financial aid available for students of any age, seniors can take advantage and save money while earning a degree.

5. University of Washington

The University of Washington is a top university in the U.S. – and for seniors, it’s also an excellent school to join online. With 18 different online degree programs available, seniors can easily study their favorite subjects or something entirely new. From certificate programs to bachelor’s degrees to advanced degrees, it’s all available via the University of Washington online.

Here’s another benefit the University of Washington’s online program offers: you can complete most programs in just one year. This makes it easy to pick up something new or take classes in a wide variety of different subjects. No matter your interests, there’s a lot to explore online in this college’s big catalog of options.

Seniors: Get Started On Your College Degree Today

Reaching your golden years doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams – especially if one of those dreams is learning. Seniors can earn their degrees, or simply take interesting and engaging classes, at any one of the universities mentioned here. And thanks to entirely online programs, it’s now easier than ever to get on your computer and begin working towards your degree.